Important Contacts

Sewer Backup Emergencies 

Call All Plumbing Company at: 703-525-7973 and identify yourself as a Fairlington Arbor resident. The Arbor is NOT responsible for any charges incurred. You might need to call Arlington County to schedule an interruption of water service to complete your repairs. Contact the county at 703-228-6555.

After-Hours Emergencies

After-Hour Emergencies can be reported at 703-569-5797.  An on-call Cardinal Management Group Manager will return your call shortly thereafter to assist you. Emergencies are defined as a situation involving danger to life or property.

On-Site Office

For assistance during business hours, contact the On-Site Office.

Board of Directors

Contact information for the Board of Directors can be found in the resident portal.

Other Contacts

  • A-1 Towing: 703-416-0710
  • Abandoned Vehicles: 703-358-4144 
  • Animal Warden: 703-931-9241
  • Arlington Police (non-emergency):  703-558-2222
  • Virginia Power: 866-366-4357
  • Fairlington Historical District:
  • Arlington County Virginia:

If you find errors or problems with this website, please contact the Arbor secretary at: