Maintenance and Variance Requests

Maintenance Responsibilities

Please contact the General Manager or consult the chart in the Resident Handbook (pages 73-74). It explains the division of responsibilities for maintenance on most Arbor-related issues. ​

Changes to your Unit: Variances

Changes to individual units are governed by the Arbor’s governing documents and policies enacted by the Board of Directors. Please contact the General Manager or consult the Resident Handbook on this website for more information. In particular, see the Handbook chapter Home Improvement: Variance Rules and Procedures at page 34 and the related Architectural Guidelines at page 25.

Variance Request Guidelines (PDF)

Foundation Bed Maintenance

Do you wish to maintain the Foundation Bed adjacent to your unit? The Board has enacted a policy, commonly known as the “Red Reflector Policy,” to address how to do this without undue interference from Arbor maintenance staff or contractors. You can find the policy at this link.