Trash and Recycling

Trash is collected Monday through Saturday, except Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Day. Place SECURELY tied plastic trash bags outside your unit between 6 a.m. and 8 a.m. Please do not place trash outside the night before. This attracts rodents and other animals.


Please recycle in the designated cans on Tuesday afternoons or Wednesday mornings. If a Tuesday is windy, take recycling out Wednesday morning to keep recyclables in place. Please clean off any food before recycling. Food or food debris in recycling can attract pests and cause an ENTIRE load of recyclables to be rejected. Newspapers, mixed paper, catalogs, magazines should be secured in paper bags or tied up securely with string. Cardboard should be broken down and placed beside the recycling receptacles. Mixed glass is no longer accepted. 

What we recycle in the Arbor:

Newspaper, magazines, brochures, paper bags, paper and hardcover books, catalogs, clean cereal, and food boxes, telephone books, envelopes, clean pizza boxes, flattened cardboard boxes, aluminum cans, metal food cans, milk and juice cartons, plastic bottles and jugs, plastic containers (#1 through #7), rigid plastics, aluminum foil, aluminum trays, and empty aerosol cans.

Not Accepted
Paper plates, paper napkins, items contaminated with food, glass bottles and jars, shredded paper, takeout food containers, Styrofoam, ceramics, plastic bags, disposable food containers, batteries, pots and pans, light bulbs, diapers, hoses, clothing, needles, medical waste, and wire hangers.

If you want to do more:     

  • Recycle plastic bags at grocery stores.
  • Return wire hangers to dry cleaners for reuse.
  • Take Styrofoam peanuts to shipping stores.
  • Recycle glass jars and bottles at the Arlington recycling center near Shirlington.
  • When in doubt…Throw it out!!


Large items such as old furniture can be disposed of on the FIRST Saturday of each month. To keep our neighborhood beautiful, please do not put out bulky items at other times. Bring the items to the designated drop-off point in your court.