Handbook and Documents

Legal Documents

Arbor Bylaws (updated June 2015)
Exhibit C to the Master Deed 
Virginia Condominium Act 

Insurance: Master Policy vs. HO6 Policy

The bylaws require the Arbor to obtain certain insurance policies to protect common property and, to a limited extent, individual unit owners. In addition to the master policy discussed below, the Arbor has workers’ compensation, general liability, fidelity bond, directors’ and officers’ coverage, a commercial umbrella, and vehicle coverage.

It is important to understand the difference between the insurance coverage for the common property owned by all co-owners through the Arbor association, and insurance that each owner purchases to insure his or her unit. The Board strongly recommends that all Arbor owners and residents discuss insurance coverage with their insurance agents and obtain necessary protection.

Master Policy

The master policy covers buildings against various perils including fire, wind, lightning, and water damage. The coverage is “all risk” and equals the full replacement cost of the building up to the finished walls and floors in each unit, subject to deductibles and some items not normally insured.

The master policy covers each unit in the condition as of the condominium conversion in the 1970s. It does not cover the contents and it does not cover “betterments and improvements” such as carpets, appliances, cabinets, or countertops. For example, replacement cabinets and a granite countertop would be covered only for the replacement value of the original cabinets and Formica countertop.

If a loss occurs that is insured under the master policy, the co-owner is responsible for the deductible (now $5,000 except for flood, which is $10,000). However, if the source of the problem is outside the owner’s unit, and thus is in the common area, then the Arbor pays the cost of the deductible. The master policy will pay based on terms in effect at the time of the loss. If a loss is sustained jointly by a number of co-owners, the deductible is shared among them as determined by the Board of Directors.

2021 Certificate of Master Liability Insurance

Homeowner’s Policy

All co-owners within the Arbor should have individual insurance to protect their unit. These policies, known as HO-6 policies, can provide coverage for personal property, unit improvements, betterments, additions and alterations, additional living expenses, and personal liability. They can also be purchased to cover the amount between the deductible on the HO-6 policy and the deductible of the master policy. Owners are also urged to get a special sewer backup endorsement for coverage of personal property damaged by a sewer backup. Most insurance carriers offer riders on homeowner policies for sewer backups and floods, but all owners should consult their insurance companies to be sure.

Non-resident owners who are renting their units may not need coverage for personal property or additional living expenses; however, they do have all the other insurable exposures of a resident owner. They may also be insured for loss of rental income. Renters should purchase an HO-4 policy to provide coverage for personal property, additional living expenses, and personal liability.

Minutes for Board of Directors Meetings

Minutes of the public meetings of the Arbor’s Board of Directors and the minutes from the two Council of Co-owners meetings held each year are available in the Arbor Office to any Arbor owner or person in the process of purchasing an Arbor unit.  The minutes from the most recent Board meeting are available in the Arbor office for review.  To obtain copies of the minutes, please contact the Arbor president at:  president.fairlingtonarbor@gmail.com

Selected Policies

Arbor Door Policy (as amended October 2020)
Landlord Obligations (enacted June 2015)
Electronic Notice/Voting (enacted June 2015)
Satellite Dish and Antennae Policy
Hot Tub Policy (contact Arbor Office)
Pool Rules

Additional Documents

Resident Handbook
Welcome to the Arbor Letter
Request for Pool Pass – Contact the Office
Window Well Order Form
Direct Debit for Monthly Assessments

Lawn Treatment Information

The Arbor contracts with a landscaping company to mow and treat our lawns.  Arbor management sends Arbor Alert e-mails to residents in advance of any lawn treatment.  The Arbor’s landscaping company also posts signs in each court alerting residents to lawn applications.  If you would like information about the fertilizers and/or herbicides being applied, please contact the Arbor office.